Bert Geens

My current projects

Welcome to my personal project page. On this web site; I’ll be listing links to the projects I’m currently working on.

My current projects

CEO & Co-Founder

Since 2013

Vaporshop is market leader in vaping in Belgium with a strong online presence and brick & mortar locations across the country. In 2018, we also opened our first stores in The Netherlands. is also a franchise network with independent business owners managing our Vaporshop-branded stores in their regions. With close to 100 people working on this project on a daily basis; it's also the project that takes up most of my everyday work life.

Real Liquid

Co-Founder and Managing Director

Since 2017

Real Liquid is the largest e-liquid producer in Belgium. With large brands like Dewy's E-Liquids, Tahu, The Classics and Summerfield; Real Liquid has gained a lot of traction in the Belgian market as a high quality production company with a clear focus on compliance and corporate responsibility. During the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic, Real Liquid was one of the first Belgian companies to switch their production chain towards the production of hand sanitizer both for care workers and consumers across the country.


Since 2019

In late 2019 we started working on what will hopefully be the new home for tea lovers in Belgium. Our team on this project includes Belgian health guru Steffi Vertriest and IT-entrepreneur Thomas Matthys. We expect this project to go live somewhere in Q3 2020.



Since 2008

Inbound, previously known as yxymedia, was my first step into the world of entrepreneurship. Now, over a decade later, the team is still together and focused on providing customers with the best online marketing and web development services available in the country. From 2020 on, we will also be going back to our roots and will start relaunching some of our most valuable online properties.